Blue Mountains Franciscan Church

We are not aligned with any mainstream denomination or ideology. We are an inclusive, all welcoming, ecumenical Sacramental Christian community with Franciscan leadership, who are called to Love God, Honour the Christ in others and to Respect each ones’ circumstances and spiritual journey.  

  • We are called by the Holy Spirit and with your aid, and like St Francis of Assisi, we would like to bring harmony to the Christian Faith.

  •  We believe that we have moved beyond the need for the safe boundaries of denomination, and into the open spaces where we may rediscover who Jesus is and how we are to faithfully serve Him.

  • We passionately believe in the Two Great Commandments that Jesus gave us and in the example of Service and devotion to Jesus which was set for us by St Francis.

  •  We earnestly believe that nothing ought to come between a brother and sister of Christ, save the empty air between them.

  • If you too, have the desire to rediscover who Jesus is and how you are called to serve Him- why not join us on Sundays and see if the Holy Spirit invites you to journey with us?'


Last updated 08/12/2017 

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